sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2011

A Dança Oriental em Mim... V


The oriental dancer in struggling a little bit to burst through and shimmy and shine!! I am enjoying the lessons very much and enjoying learning about dance from a new part of the globe and the contrasts it has to some western dance types ...but I am finding it difficult to completely relax and be free with the music, which I suppose could also be said to be a reflection of my moving to Portugal - quite a stressful and uprooting experience! I really like the unusual eastern music but need to develop my emotional connection with it, as well as developing the challenging techniques of the movements themselves. It is great to be surrounded by friendly, enthusiastic dancers and such an inspiring teacher (no sucking-up - you really are!) and, as I continue the lessons, I hope to gain more confidence, fluidity of movement and even a greater sense of 'being' in Portugal; something which can often be found through a regular hobby. I also think the movements are helping to loosen my back, which will improve my general comfort and I enjoy the exercise aspect of the dancing also. Thank you for providing this opportunity (at an affordable price too!!!) and I look forward to the oriental dancer inside of me growing and flowering from within! 

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